Easy Peasy Crochet Basket

Crochet in Paternoster

Hi everyone! It’s been much too long since I posted something!

So today I am sharing a little photo tutorial for a very easy crochet basket.

I just don’t know what to call the stitch that I use? I make two single crochets into every 2nd stitch. Do you know what it is called?

The result is a sturdy side for your basket and I quite like the rhythm of the stitches when you start going around and around.

It is winter and cold here in South Africa. And I have a cold. And the middle teenager has a cold. So I picked some flowers from our garden before I started the tutorial this morning.

photo 4

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Gauge: for t-shirt yarn, a 12 mm or 15mm hook for any other yarn, the size recommended on the yarn label
Terminology: American (US)
Dimensions: chunky acrylic, bottom = 10cm, height…

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